Craft for All Ages – The benefits of crafting for Adults

Most people think that making arts and crafts is something that’s exclusive only for the young, the gifted, the artsy and the creative people. But these misconceptions are the main reason most people miss out on the health benefits of making craft projects. Yes, the process of making a certain craft produces a number of health benefits that can make a big difference in your overall well being.

Research shows that craft projects like knitting, sewing and crocheting generates a calm and soothing effect on the brain that equals that of having a peaceful meditation or light yoga.

The routine-like action of knitting, knotting and pulling acts as a therapeutic agent that relieves and calms emotions. Some people may have associated crafting as a form of art that’s exclusive for women and children . But this misconception is exactly what keeps most people from experiencing the wonderful health benefits it offers.

Crafting is a form of art should not be perceived as feminine or masculine but rather for what it truly is – an art, an expression and even a diversion.  



In a research study conducted by Betsan Corkhill, the study found a significant relationship between knitting and the perceived moods and feelings of the respondents. Most of the respondents are found to have been feeling “very happy” and “very calm” after crafting. Also, the study concluded that people who knitted more than 3 times a week, are generally calmer, happier and more confident people with lower tendencies of becoming depressed and anxious. Corkhill’s research concluded that knitting produces a highly significant effect that benefits a person’s overall well being and improves any person’s quality of life by promoting a healthy state of mind and even emotions.


Crafting is a form of art that boosts your creativity, encouraging you to think critically and enhance your sense of art. The process of making a craft encourages your creative side of the brain all the while keeping you focused throughout the process. It also inspires a person to become more resourceful and creative in order to create the desired output.

It doesn’t take an art genius to create a masterpiece that’s truly yours. Having something that you’ve worked hard for and being proud of what you created is what counts the most.


The process of using your hands to create your ultimate masterpiece helps in developing your body’s hand and eye coordination. Crafting provides an avenue for the hands to work on something besides the typical activities involved in work such as typing and writing. This enables you to develop overall coordination and encourage focused thinking.

Crafting is an activity that adults will find worth spending time on. Rather than perceiving crafting as a luxury, this art is a way of promoting overall well being and self-expression. From the process of translating an idea into a masterpiece, the process itself exercises a person’s way of self-expression and art. Crafting for adults is truly an art activity that we can truly say is life changing!