Things you should know about the G-spot shot treatment

The G-spot enhancement procedure was introduced by gynecologist Dr. David Matlock. Women who want to improve their sex lives, who face problem during sex, and those who experience lack of orgasms. They prefer to get injected by G shot on their G spot. This treatment is meant for those women who have orgasms, but they need to improve the quality of sensation. To increase sexual power and intensity, women are supposed to go for the injection in vagina area to produce better results.

What Is Used For The Procedure?

 The g spot shot procedure is mainly Hyaluronic injection is used in this procedure. It is use for boosting g-spot. Injection injected on the sensitive part of the women body. The size of this part is about a quarter. It is a spot in the area of vagina. However, doctors haven’t gotten any evidence about the exact position of g-spot in vagina. The experiment of finding the g-spot is still in the process.

How Does This Injection Work?

G-shot is directly applying to the g-shot. It makes g-shot wider and prominent. It makes east to find g-spot during reinjection has an effect of four months on the body of the female. For this whole procedure to attempt need a fertility clinic. Look at this for more detail.


The female infertility is one of the most common things one ever heard the symptoms may include, pain during sex, heavy or long and painful periods, an irregular menstrual cycle, hormonal changes and dark or pale menstrual blood.  There are two main treatments for female infertility:

  1. IUI 
  2. IVF 

There are also some natural ways women can increase their fertility that include

  1.  Taking in foods that are rich in antioxidants.
  2. Eating proper breakfast
  3. Cutting down on carbohydrates
  4. Move on to high fat dairy products.

To put it simply, folic acid is a very important vitamin for both the men and women. Taking in an enough amount of folic acid can help one in decreasing the risk of birth defects and for men it may improve sperm count. They do help in making fertility supplements for both men and women who are want to conceive, but fail in being equal. look here for more details. You can also acquire information about intimate skin bleaching.