Types of visas you need to know about

Canada will offer different types of visas which have a diverse range to suit everyone around the globe. It will provide different facilities to increase their immigration level as they want to get the diversity in their country and need new talent from other countries. To go there you need to contact top Canada immigration consultants in Hyderabad because the process is a little bit tricky and you need the help of professionals in order to get great success. After contacting different consultants you need to select the best immigration consultant in Hyderabad to go further. Here are some of the visas which you can apply for:

Working visa: It is a kind of temporary visa which is provided to you for the sake of work only. It is longer than the visit visa and you will get the permission of about an year on this visa and you have to renew your visa at the end of the year otherwise you need to leave that county. For working visa if you are applying on the basis of job then you have to provide the proof that you are called for that job. You need to apply for the job, give interview through the use of technology and then if you got selected then you will get the appointment letter and you have to show that letter when you go for visa application. It will shorten the visa process and you will get it earlier.

Business visa: If you are a business man and you need to go to Canada to start and establish your business there then you need provide the proof of your existing business and also you need to provide the evidence of the amount which you have in your hand. Sometimes they also want you to show your business model and proposal so that they can see whether it will be beneficial for their country or not and then they will decide about your visa. It is a sort of permanent visa but in the start you need to renew the visa for some time. You can even get your family with you when you have the business visa but get separate visa application for all of them. It is better to first go alone and then call your family once your business settles down there.