Why Google Loves Text at the Top of Your Website

Google has an algorithm that is constantly updated to adjust its search results to the needs of users. This means that it is important for you to not only optimize your website but also know what Google wants. As a result, content up top will be given preference by Google’s ranking algorithm. Here are three ways this can help your company:

1) It improves user experience

The very first thing a user will see when they search for your company is the top of its website. If this content does not look professional, users may be turned off and go elsewhere. Fortunately, if you have well-written text up top it can improve their experience by giving them what they need before having to scroll down any further than necessary. This shows Google that users truly enjoy their visit on your site which in return helps with SEO rankings!

2) Increases time on site

Next, having text up top helps users understand what your site is about before they even have to scroll down. If a company has clear, concise and articulate content right away it will tell the user exactly what they want to know without wasting their time scrolling through unnecessary information.

If you rank on Google’s first page for relevant keywords but do not encourage further engagement with your website by having an engaging intro message or lack of visuals such as images and videos, then this can hurt your rankings instead of help them!

If users find themselves on your web platform frequently because you displayed important messages at the very beginning that helped them solve whatever problems they were looking for in one quick visit than this also positively affects SEO scores . It shows Google that its algorithms are working to provide users with the help they need when looking up your website.

3) Increases SEO rankings

Last but not least, text up top can increase your SEO rankings. We all know that Google loves high-quality content and if you have it on your website then it is more likely to rank higher than those who do not.

When users see text up top they are likely to stay longer on the page which will result in a better user experience. This tells Google that people enjoy being on your site and as we learned earlier, this is something that the algorithm takes into account when ranking pages. So make sure to put time and effort into creating quality intro messages for your website! You won’t regret it!