Text up Top and Google’s love for it!

Many articles and SEO’s have debated over time to find out a reason which cannot be generally proven. Google likes text nearer to start of the page. It just likes text, whether it is at the middle, but only text. The dependent factor which decides the rank outcome is how one formulates or structure keyword phrases within the body text.

A few tests performed on this theory of search engine marketing could help us determine the gravity of the problem. Google certainly looks at the start or top of the page but that’s not how a reader looks always. Texts have shown that, when compared with the lower text of the page, Google prefers to read at the top. This theory was discussed some time ago at the high rankings forum. The question was that whether the text should be close to the top as viewed by a reader? No. Irrespective of the page view, the search engine favors text close to the top.

Using CSS positioning for the tables, two pages were created identical in nature from every aspect. These were names as “test1” and “test2”. The first had the header images while the second one had all the text. So the essence should reflect the later as the text and the former as the header images. In “test2”, the table containing the text was exchanged with the images and the situation was reversed. Being CSS positioning, the page looked identical with only the code being changed. Both of them were CSS positioned.

When both these pages were launched, Google picked up the second one, i.e. “test2”.  Even after having a choice and we know that Google won’t index identical content and then also it chose “test2” over “test1”. One could still doubt that could be due to the order Google found those pages. Then, the folder name was changed and the links were swapped so that the second link pointed to “test1” and the first link pointed to “test2”. It found the new folder as the older folder didn’t exist due to name change and swapped two pages around from the original order and indexed “text2”. Only the link from the homepage itself was included, other than this no other link was there. That favorable concern was also removed; still Google preferred that text which was closer to the top of the page. This proved that CSS positioning, the smart choice is to have your text closer to the top of the page.

At the end of the day, the concern lies within digital agencies in Dubai as to what Google considers while ranking pages and this was one of them, yet another important one. Those who keep this point in mind connected with that of CSS positioning or complete CSS design have already taken a rank higher than any other who does not. This is what Google tries to evaluate when certain positioning is considered. So what you see, it’s not necessary to be reflected within. Well, this makes the optimal choice to consider SEO for any website.