Quick guide to using fire extinguisher for amateurs

It is very necessary that each and every person out there understands the importance of fire safety equipment suppliers in UAE because we never know when we could get caught in a situation where our only way out is through extinguishing the fire and we will only be able to do that when we know and understand how to extinguish the fire.

There are different kinds of fire extinguishers present out there and choosing the right one is essential because the wrong type could fire back – literally and figuratively – putting you and others around you in a life threatening situation. Here are some precautionary measures to different types of extinguishers:


  • Water extinguisher

Do not use a water extinguisher on electrical equipment which has caught fire because there is a very high chance of electrocution. If you see different water sprinkler and water mists being sprayed then don’t worry as they are approved on certain level of volt determined through different tests. They don’t have a tendency to electrocute because there is no free flowing water which means that you should avoid through buckets of water on bare wires.

  • Carbon dioxide and dry powder extinguishers

Always remember that there is a chance of fire reigniting once the dry powder is blown away or carbon dioxide is done extinguishing the fire. They minimize the level of oxygen in the air which contributes to igniting the fire and when the level of oxygen is regained after being diffused the fire have an open ground to restart.

Guide to extinguishing the fire

There are several fire extinguisher suppliers out there who can provide you with the right kind and it is essential to have one at commercial places in case of emergency and mishaps. Make sure that someone who is not well trained and familiar with them doesn’t try using it because it can cause harm.

Always remember to use extinguisher on fire which is in your control and capability because tackling with one which you can’t can be life threatening. Something which is more important than putting out fire is taking care of your safety and others around you by evacuating the area as soon as possible without causing panic.