Is A Hotel Safe Really Safe?

We all are bound to some things while travelling like leaving our personal belongings in hotel room. But the question of security often crosses our minds forcing us to think if the hotel room safes are really safe?

We are all on a high risk of getting are belonging stole from the hotel safe or simply keeping it out by tucking it safely in a bag. The internet is full of horrible stories of their personal belongings getting lost from five star hotels which leaves us wondering, where are we standing right now? Are our belongings safe?

The answer to that question is pretty simple and that is, things are safe if you want them to be safe. There are many new safety travel gadgets available in market which makes sure that your belongings are Safe from any kind of incident. These gadgets include portable safe lock, alarm for door and many, many other such devices which ensure 100% safety of your belongings.

The question still circulates back to the hotel safe. They are kept there for our convenience so is it really ok to use them or we should stay as far away from them as possible? Generally speaking, not pointing out each and every Hotel out there, but the majority of the safe are not safe as someone in the staff must have a key or a master code to the safe which can be easily broken in, your belongings can be stolen in a blink of an eye.

It cannot be necessary that someone from the staff of the hotel is going to steal stuff, any passerby can keep an eye on you and leap at the right moment. Some thieves have a strong motive while others may simply be on search and outlook for cash or expensive valuable.

We cannot surely say what is safe and what is not, but we can tell you that using Hotel safe for cash or laptops or your passport can be a bit risky, so you should stay at an arm’s distance from these safes or if you are using them, then you need to make sure that whatever you are putting in there is not extremely valuable or it is simple piece of document which can be printed as a hard copy once again.
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