Information about the EB-5 investor visa

Living a better life and enjoying the highest living standards is the ultimate goal for many. They do everything they can to achieve this goal. Many of them find relocation to a country that has better economy and living standards as the easiest and fastest way to start the life that they always dreamed of. This is why you will find a majority of individuals looking for US citizenship by investment these days. There is no denying the fact that US immigration is one of the top priorities for many who look for options for relocation for a better life.

Although there are many options that you can choose from, it is highly suggested for you to consider relocating to the United States of America. You can get a study visa to obtain a degree from one of the top universities in the USA to secure your future and then get a decent job to start your dream life there. You can also look for a work permit to start your career in USA. But, if you are looking for permanent residence status in USA without wasting any time, then the only fastest way to get that is by applying for the EB 5 visa program. This visa program allows immigrants to get instant permanent residence for investing a significant amount of money in USA.

The EB 5 program is one of the best available options for investors who are looking for relocation to the USA for business purposes. To apply for the EB 5 program, an investor will have to invest at least 1 million US dollars to qualify for the permanent residence. You can either invest this amount in some business or can start a new business of your own. It is highly recommended for you to prefer investing your money in a new business of your own. Firstly, it will be a proof that you have made actual investments in USA. Secondly, you will have full control on your investments which will make it possible for you to get maximum profit by running the business on your own.

But, before you could make your move, you must be sure about all the requirements and procedure of applying under EB 5 program. If you are not sure about how you can apply for EB 5 program, it is highly recommended that you should take on the services of a professional immigration consultancy that could help you get EB 5 investment visa in Dubai.