Skills An Effective Manager Should Possess

Managers are tasked to lead the people. With that, they should be equipped with the right skills and traits so they can do their job well.

If you are currently looking for manager to join your team, here are some traits that you should look into:

  • Effective people management and leadership skills

Managers are expected to be great leaders as they are the ones responsible for leading their team to greater heights. With that, they should know how to handle a team or a group of people. The difficult thing about this is that managers would have to deal with a team consisting of different personalities and cultural identities. Managers should be able to balance out everything and ensure that there is a good working relationship amongst his peers.

Also part of this is they should know how to listen to their subordinates. A leader who is a good listener is trustworthy and approachable. There are training companies that provide management courses in Dubai to hone the people-management skills of these managers.

  • Excellent time management skills

Business operations is all about time and time equates to money. Time wasted is a loss that a company cannot take back. With that, managers should be able to manage time effectively, not only his time but his subordinates as well. For one, he has to ensure that everyone following company policies when it comes to time (e.g. no lates, undertime, etc.). Second, he should be able to implement task in accordance to the company’s timeline. His time management skills would show how strict he is on implementing policies and his strict adherence to company laws.

  • Superb project management skills

Time management is also part of project management, but this merits a separate point. Every department is assigned a project that they need to implement. These projects are aligned to company goals set by the management. The manager’s task is to ensure that these projects are being implemented on time and on budget. This would include intensive planning and effective task delegation.

  • Above average communication skills

Managers are dealing with lots of people in the company – from the top management to their subordinates. So it is a must that they know how to communicate well with different kinds of people and they know how to apply effective communication strategies to be able to relay messages and instructions clearly on parties involve. There are public speaking courses in Dubai that can help managers improve the communication skills.

  • Outstanding crisis management skills

Problems in the company is a normal occurrence in a company. But if these problems are not resolved immediately, it can cause delays in project and loss of money for the company. Managers should be able to resolve issues within the team to prevent it from getting worse.