Why Your Office Needs a Collaborative Messenger

A Collaborative messenger is the most prudent way of enhancing real time communication in event space dubai while saving up on the hefty costs of meetings and annihilating barriers to participation in decision making to boost diversity of opinion and promote transparency and engagement. By employing tools such as IMs, Poll, group discussions, file sharing and extraneous integrations, you engage the employees in stimulating debates, even at non working hours, and seek accord instantaneously. Here’s how a collaborative messenger speeds up the decision making process:

Check the Availability of Employees

The exasperation of sending an email to an employee and waiting for acknowledgment devours precious work hours and might compromise the urgency of a situation, especially when working with remote employees, freelancers and travelling clients. Post a poll on the group that offers multiple options, to check the availability of your team. Since the messenger runs on their smart phones, a more rapid response is anticipated. Options such as “available for meeting”, “busy at the moment” and “not available” gives the team lead an idea of how to plan work and resources for the available individuals or those who might be available later.

Post Polls and Open the Results for Discussion

Two heads are better than one! For quick insights, instantaneously post a poll on a group to glean innovative ideas and diverse outlooks. Anyone can post a poll on a group to get feedback on a specific subject or to the broader organization, as a whole, to gauge popular sentiments. The group members not only openly express their preference but also provide valuable feedbacks and their own spin on the focus. If someone is entirely against the decision, they could post their inhibitions and the proponents of the idea could address their concerns. By the end of the process, everyone has a deep shared understanding, meaning they are ready to take collective action right away, with no one dragging their feet or left out of the loop.

Send a photo collage and let users circle their choice

The idea that workers in business center dubai should chat more freely has become a mainstay of Silicon Valley culture. Do you have multiple design ideas and can’t decide on the best one? Any employee can create a photo collage of all prospective options and post in the group. The members can provide their feedback by circling the picture they found the best. This alleviates the clutter and confusion of sending documents of a plethora of individual files and waiting for members to open and analyze each file to choose and upload a pertinent one.