5 Basic Types of Meeting Rooms You Can Use

Most people think of conference-type rooms when the term “meeting room” is mentioned. However, there are actually other meeting room setups and styles that you can use to have a productive discussion with your team. In addition, changing the venue and atmosphere can lift the mood of your team and enhance their creative thinking abilities. If you need a change of atmosphere, here are some of the meeting room types and layouts you can consider:


  • U-shaped – The U-shaped meeting room in Dubai is reminiscent of traditional meeting rooms. This set-up is ideal for creating a conducive atmosphere for group discussions and brainstorming. The positioning of the table and seats also give everyone a prime view of visual presentations. U-shaped meeting rooms are usually recommended for small meetings, team workshops, and group conferences.
  • Boardroom – Boardroom layouts are more like your traditional meeting room set-ups – there is an oval or rectangular long table at the centre of the room, and the seats are evenly divided on all the sides of the table. Boardroom set-ups encourage face-to-face interaction, though the effectiveness of communication is affected by the number of attendees. Boardrooms are recommended for meetings among the board of directors and committees, as well as for employee interviews and team briefings.
  • Classroom – Classroom types feature tables and seats arranged in a way that enables attendees to fully face the speaker in front, while being able to take down notes or use their laptops and gadgets. It is the most recommended set-up for events where participants may enjoy plated meals. However, though it can accommodate a large number of attendees, it’s not advisable to squeeze in a lot of people in one table. Give them ample space so they can sit comfortably and eat or write without feeling overcrowded.
  • Theatre / auditorium – Theatre or auditorium styles are ideal for hosting an event with a sizeable audience. It is composed of many seats facing the speaker or stage, which gives everyone a satisfactory view. This type of setup includes centre or side aisles that allow speakers or delegates to easily navigate the room and get to their designated seat or to the stage. Theatres and auditoriums are particularly suitable for annual general meetings and product launches.
  • Banquet – Banquet styles really deviate from the normal meeting room setup. Banquets have round tables where groups can be seated together. It is the preferred setup for gala dinners and corporate events that usually include food catering services and have a huge number of participants. To get more idea on the types of banquet rooms you can book, you may visit