5 Ways To Overcome Design Challenges For Small Spaces

Small living spaces and apartment is a bane for some homeowners, especially in terms of designing. With limited space, it is hard to make an appropriate design that would make the space look good. But interior design companies in Dubai believe that it can be done. There are few domestic hacks that you can do to make your small space look fabulous and stunning:

  • Take into account space planning


One of the things that you need to consider when you are designing a small space is the room layout. Sometimes, a furnishing placed in the wrong location can take up space and cause cramming. Be strategic on where you will place your home furniture. Before you buy a furniture, you need to be sure about the size and dimension. Try to picture where you will place this furniture and what size would be appropriate for that spot. You need to be as precise as possible.


  • Consider change of furnishings


If you have bulky furniture, it would be best to replace them with a leaner and slimmer one to fit in the limited space. Bulky furnishings not only take up space, but also make the room look bigger and heavier. Apart from choosing leaner furnishings, you can also consider choosing dual purpose furniture so you can save on buying more than you should be. Home furniture that also doubles as storage is a good option too.


  • Think vertical


When you are dealing with limited space, you might need to make some adjustments on your design and work with what you have. In case of small rooms, you can take advantage of your walls and design the space vertically. Hanging designs and fittings can will go well with this concept. Try to leverage your space under the stairs. It can be an additional storage space for your belongings.


  • Dispose clutter


Clutter and litter can make a space look heavy and small. If you want to make some more room in your space, dispose the unnecessary clutter like old magazines. You might not notice it but over time old magazines and papers can take up space in the room. Once you dispose these things, you can instantly see that the space is a lot bigger than you think.


  • Bring in the light


A dark and poorly-lit room can look dingy and small. If you want to make your space look bigger than it should be, try to open your windows and let the light it. For spaces with no windows, be sure to install lighting fixture that can light up the space.

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