5 Hacks for Maximizing your Powerbank

Keeping connected all the time is the name of the game these days, even when you are on the go. People tune in to the latest news while traveling or do business over the net everywhere. With a smartphone in hand, you can do almost everything.

Sadly, your smartphone can only last for a few hours, which is why having a power bank is a necessity these days. However your power bank can only give you limited power capacity. To help prolong its use, be sure to follow these hacks.

  1. Use the power bank for its intended use

Power banks are paired to certain devices and conversion rates. A power bank 10000mah can charge an Iphone 6 for about 3.5 times. If it goes higher than that, your power bank might not be able to accommodate this kind of charging. Be sure to know the conversion rate of your device as well as the conditions of your power bank.  You can apply the formula:  Power Bank capacity * Conversion Rate * Phone Battery health rate / Phone battery capacity = Maximum Use.

  1. Avoid charging on extreme temperature

Like your other devices, your power bank might crash when used or charged in too hot or too cold spaces. Charging on these conditions might cause the battery cells to crash or get damage as lithium (main component of the power bank) might react negatively on extreme temperatures.  Be sure to use it on room temperature.

  1. Charge on cool spaces with proper ventilation

Power banks, like laptops, need proper ventilation to work and fully charge. Proper ventilation can help heat dissipation or the process of transforming energy from one form to another.  Avoid putting them inside the bag while charging.

  1. Leave your power bank alone when it is charging

If your power bank is charging, do not use it to charge your devices. Your power bank might overheat. Remember, extreme heat can cause damage your power bank’s battery cells. Let your

power bank store as much electrical energy it needed. Use it once you are done charging.

Also, do not let the power on your power bank get to low. If it reached 20% start charging it. Maximizing the power capacity may shorten the life span of your power bank.

  1. Take good care of your cord

Bent cord can cause current blockage and overheat. If you are using a long cord, be sure to unfold and extend them. If you are using a worn out cord, it is advisable to get a new one is it can do more damage to your device and your power bank.

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