Why You Should Avoid Self Diagnosing

When you feel that something is not right with your body, what’s the first thing that you do? If you’re like most people, you probably head straight to the source of unlimited information–the Internet. Admit it, the first thing you do is google the symptoms you’re experiencing, with the hopes of diagnosing the cause of it. You head to sites like WebMD and Mayo Clinic and go over page after page of possible illnesses.

While there’s nothing wrong per se with taking a proactive approach to your illness by doing your research on the symptoms you’re currently experiencing, by self-diagnosing and treating yourself, you may be doing more harm than good. Any doctor or medical professional from the best clinics in Al Khail will advise against it.

Here are a few reasons you should avoid self diagnosis and refrain from self-treatment:

You are not a doctor

Unless you are a doctor or qualified medical practitioner, then at all costs, you must not diagnose yourself. It’s alright to do a bit of research, but the smart thing to do is to head to the nearest clinic in Al Muteena and ask for a doctor’s opinion. They are after all, educated and trained to treat you.

There is no way that your “medical expertise” gained from googling your symptoms can compare to the knowledge they’ve gained from years of learning and practice. Don’t pretend to be a doctor and just let the experts do their job.

You may be getting the wrong information

You have a cough and colds, so you most likely have a flu, right? You google your symptoms and the experts behind their screens on the other side of the world all agree with you. So, you treat yourself by buying medicines that should make you better. But it’s been weeks and you’re still barking like a dying dog. Is it really just a normal cold?

The thing is, it probably isn’t. But because you relied on Internet sources rather than consulted with a doctor, you got the wrong information. For all you know, the symptoms you are experiencing are just the tip of the iceberg and there is a serious underlying cause. You will never know unless you undergo the right tests at a hospital or clinic.

You never really know what you have

Say you feel better after treating yourself with a cocktail of meds and chicken soup for the soul. In reality, you never really know what sickness you had. Worse, you have no idea if you’ve actually cured yourself. It’s entirely possible that you just treated the symptoms and not the sickness itself. The condition could manifest itself twice as bad later. Also, your self-treatment could have made it worse.

When you feel that something is not right, don’t just search the Internet for answers and treat yourself. Head to the nearest clinic as soon as possible and get the right diagnosis and treatment from the right people.