Did You Know These 6 Types of Shoes for Men?

Here’s the list of our favorite shoes for men.


  1. Loafers

Popular for being casual slip-on shoes, loafers are worn on typical days at home, casual dine outs, and shopping days.  This type of shoes has an elevated seam that you can trace up to the toe. They are very comfortable to wear. Loafers usually come with buckles or tassels. A fashion advisor for men would surely recommend loafers to complete a semi-formal attire.


  1. Chukka Boots

Ankle boots never go out of style. Hence, a pair of chukka boots is a must-have for every man. Chukka boots have minor stitches, round toes, and three lace up closures that could help you adjust the boots’ opening. Because of this, chukkas won’t ruin the shape of your pants, unlike other boots. The leather version of chukka boots is more formal than the common suede. Just like loafers, you can also wear chukkas on semi-formal events, and casual business meetings.


  1. Oxford

Oxford is a classic dress shoe that can be used for both formal and casual occasions. It is slimmer than the other types of dress shoes because of its “closed lacing.” Opt for a brown or black leather pair for general use. On the other hand, you can grab a patent leather oxfords if you would like to wear a tux.


  1. Derby

This type of shoe is also known as Blucher or Gibson. Some people thought derbies and oxford shoes are the same because they look alike. They only differ on the facing’s placement. The facing of the derby shoe is stitched over the vamp, while the oxford’s tabs are sewn below the vamp. Derbies are more comfortable to wear and are less formal than the oxfords because of the former’s wider fit.


  1. Trainers

“Trainers” is the millennial term for sneakers. Men and women love wearing them for sports, and comfort purposes. They are the go-to shoes for running your errands. Trainers often last for years in shoe cabinets mainly because they are reliable. Thus, many of us refuse to throw them away. Many brands offer trainers such as Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, New Balance, Fila, etc.


  1. Boat Shoes

If you want to wear leather shoes even without wearing socks, grab a pair of boat shoes. It’s a stylish pair that goes well with casual and semi-formal attires. Just remember to wear a memory foam for shoes if you would wear this on a day full of walking. One of the most popular brands of boat shoes is Sperry.


Busy men, get the latest style of loafers, chukka boots, oxford, derby, trainers, and boat shoes by hiring a Dubai personal shopper now.