Our Top 3 Favorite Products for Cleaning Marble

Marble is a natural stone and it does not require heavy-duty cleaning aids and equipment if maintained properly. Many office buildings choose this stone for their tiles and countertops because it looks classy and elegant, is very durable and could last for many years. It could be considered a really good investment.

Polished marble, the one that looks shiny and glossy, may be easier to maintain compared to the honed type, which looks matte. But there are big no-no’s for both. Marble can be easily stained or etched. If the stains get ignored even just for a day, the discoloration could stay permanent. Etches and cracks could be difficult to restore and would require your company to hire building cleaning services. You can avoid this though if you just maintain your marble on a daily basis. Below are some products and tips on how to clean and maintain this pristine stone.

Basic (read: opposite of acidic) Solutions

These are mineral spirits, ammonia, or hydrogen peroxide. You can use these to clean oil-based stains such as cooking oil, makeup swatches, grease, and organic type of stains like coffee, tea, or food drops.

One big no-no in cleaning marble is using acid-based cleaners or liquids like lemon juice, vinegar, bleach and other acidic solutions. Marble contains calcium carbonate, a base. If acidic components touch a marble top, a neutralization reaction occurs. This could result to etching in the marble.

Basic (read: staple) Solution

For easy, daily marble cleaning, nothing beats hot water and gentle, non-acidic dishwashing liquid mixed into a spray bottle. The tip to stain-free, polished-looking marble is to clean it on a daily basis. Even if you did nothing on your kitchen that day, it is still advisable to wipe your countertops out using your hot water-dish soap mix with a clean rag to avoid any dust and grime build up. It will be more difficult to clean marble once the dirt has already stuck into the etched cracks.


Stone Sealers

These are available from your local hardwares or warehouses. Sealers delay the etching and staining processes in marble countertops and tiles. They also protect them from grout. Applying sealer to your marble is like applying a layer of clear coat to iron metal to avoid rusting. It deters damage that could easily cause etching on any porous material.

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