Different Types of Translation Services Defined

Administrative Translation

The word “administrative” has a very broad meaning, but in the context of translation, this refers to translating administrative/managerial texts used in daily management within corporations, businesses, and organizations. Administrative translation can also be expanded to cover texts with similar functions in government bodies.

Commercial Translation

Also known as Business Translation, Commercial Translation is needed by businesses that are planning to expand overseas. This requires professionals who have specialist translation skills and business jargon knowledge in order to translate documents such as brochures, handbooks, company accounts, tender documents, letters, marketing materials, etc.

Computer-Assisted Translation

Because of free translation tools available online, individuals and business often turn to Computer-Assisted Translation. If you want to translate a French sentence to English using a free translation tool, the software of the translation tool will examine the encoded French text using predefined linguistic tools. After that, the software will then reconstruct the French text using the corresponding rules of the target language, which is in this case, English. If you desire accurate translation, Computer-Assisted Translation is not for you as it does not produce perfect copy of the text in another language. A free translation tool can never substitute a professional human translator.

Financial Translation

Financial Translation, sometimes called Economic Translation, refers to translating documents with financial nature like banking, investment funds, stocks, and commodities. These documents include financial statements, financing packages, financial contracts, and others.

General Translation

As the simplest type of translation, General Translation uses layman’s term and ordinary, everyday speech. It is less complicated compared to other types of translation; there’s no specific or technical terminologies used. Most translations fall under this category.

Literary Translation

Literary Translation is probably the hardest of all the different types of translation. As its name suggests, it refers to translation of literary pieces such as novels, poems, short stories, and plays. This goes beyond mere translation of text; the translator must be capable of also translating cultural nuances, feelings, humor, and other subtle elements of the literary piece. In 1959, the Russian-American linguist named Roman Osipovich Jakobson pronounced that “poetry by definition [was] untranslatable”.

Legal Translation

Legal translation is one of the most complex and complicated professional translation types. It refers to translating texts in the field of law such as contracts, treaties, and other legal documents. There is no real margin for error in legal translation because one simple mistake or mistranslation of a contract’s passage could lead to disastrous consequences. Go to our site to learn more about translation services today!